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This time on AM Northwest, I share an incredible tool that I use to treat gum disease – the Periolase! It is a specialized laser that helps rid the mouth of bacteria that causes all kinds of health issues and damages teeth and gums.

The Periolase laser replaces traditional surgical treatment of gum disease, which to be honest is not very fun! The Periolase allows us to remove bacteria quickly and efficiently with just a local anesthetic, and it actually allows new, healthy bone and gum tissue to grow in the place of damaged tissue! Watch the video to find out more, or visit us online at
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3 months ago

Heading for some RnR with Kym then off Cerritos and training on the Periolase with Millenium Dental Technology. A wonderful way to assist our clients with Periodontal disease with the LANAP( Laser assisted new attachment procedure) protocol, allowing for a Regeneration of periodontal tissue. ... See MoreSee Less

3 months ago


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Have a great time. Love you 😘😘 and I think I might be a candidate for that procedure!!

Enjoy. See you when you get back

I’ll be in NYC this week too!

Hey Stephanie, cool. We are here until Tuesday....where are you guys staying?

We arrive Tuesday and are only staying till Thursday. Hilton Times Square, seeing a play

Still waiting for news on the head phone sleepy thing xx

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So the news is finally catching upon the diagnosis and management of snoring and sleep apnoea. We at Sapphire Dental Care have been treating patients for many years with amazing results.

If you have one of the following, then you should consider getting a consultation with us.

1. Do you take less than 5 mins or more than 20 mins to fall asleep?
2. Do you wake up at night to go to the bathroom
3. Do you wake up in the unrefreshed and tired?
4. Do you wake up with head pain?
5 Do you snore?
6. Has your partner witnessed you stopping breathing?

If you answer yes to the any of these then you need to be evaluated.

Some people imagine that somebody has to be over weight to have sleep apnoea but that is not true. You could be of a very thin build and still have sleep apnoea.

Sleep apnoea is a silent condition, meaning you will never know you have it till you get it evaluated. It is the cause of many medical and dental problems and most are not aware of it. It has been linked to heart problems, strokes, kidney problems, anxiety, depression, cancer, grinding of teeth, headaches, migraines etc.

There are multiple options to treat sleep apnoea ranging from

1. Weight loss
2. CPAP machine
3. A dental device called a Mandibular Advancement Splint
4. ENT surgery.

Most people need a combination of treatments listed above and it is best evaluated by a trained professional, to help guide you in making this life changing decision.

Please call us on 02 64954244 and ask for an appointment and our team will be more than happy to accommodate you for a consultation.

7 News Sydney
If you often wake up feeling like you haven't slept you might be one of the growing number of Australians with sleep apnoea. For the majority of sufferers a diagnosis has meant wearing a bulky breathing mask to bed. But now there's a much smaller alternative.

More Info:

#SleepApnoea #7News
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3 months ago

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4 months ago

A great day of Emergency Resucitation training today. Well done team, the manikin survived us 🙂 ... See MoreSee Less

4 months ago

A great day of Emergency Resucitation training today. Well done team, the manikin survived us :-)
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